Physiotherapy is a rehabilitative practice that focuses on the physical body. A physiotherapist is trained to asses and treat any joint, muscle and bone in the body. Home exercises are given to re-educate a body part how to move and coordinate itself with neighboring parts. Therefore, successful rehab requires each client’s commitment to exercise prescriptions. No two people are treated the same and each session is individualized to a clients presentation and assessment finding. Whether treating physical pain or simply trying to improve physical performance and efficiency, a client’s body is assessed from head to toe. In doing so, we will uncover the driver of your pain, dysfunction or imbalance, as site of pain is not always the root cause of pain. Injury causes compensations and our brains are fantastic at moving around joint limitations, pain and restrictions in the body. It’s goal is to keep you moving, regardless the cost to another body part. Soon, a useful compensation wears down a body part and the brain moves to the next available compensation. In rehab, depending how old the initial injury is, we are working to unwind compensations and re-educate appropriate movement of all the systems involved. Hands on joint mobilization, neuromuscular, length-tension and passive release techniques are used as a treatment form. Lasting results are experienced when we change the way we move in our daily life. Therefore we focus on movement pattern retraining with tailored corrective exercises and how to incorporate proper biomechanics into your desired activities.

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