This is an introduction to the principles of core activation and uses an amalgamation of pilates, breath, functional anatomy and physiotherapy principles. Each session is educational, where you will be taught the basic anatomy of the core, how it works and how to re-activate this innate unconscious system. Each session builds on the previous with hands on facilitation and cueing. We build from the ground up, starting in the most supported positions on the floor to help gain full awareness of what spinal, pelvic and joint stabilization feels like and when and why you might be losing it during your day. You will learn how to incorporate these principles into all aspects of your life; gaining increased functional ability, strength, efficiency and less pain in any activity you choose.
These sessions will help those who:
  • Want to start a new exercise routine
  • Experience ongoing nagging pain
  • A lack of improvement in sport, training or exercise classes
  • Leave a pilates, yoga or exercise class with pain
  • Feel unsteady or unbalanced
  • Wants the freedom of ongoing participation in the activities they love as they age

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