Acutonics is a Chinese Medicine based practice which uses vibration and frequency to influence the meridians with the use of tuning forks. Two forks are combined to form an interval which is applied to the acupuncture points and vessels. Each fork has its own personality and influences the acupuncture points with its individual characteristics.

You will feel the forks on the body and hear singing bowls and chimes work off the body which treats the chakras and magnetic field.

These sessions incorporate the principles of Acutonics, Reiki, Healing Touch and the Emotion Code to unwind mental, emotional and vibrationally stored patterns. You can tackle a specific health concern for those who have not responded to physical treatment or western medicine. You can also choose to simply enjoy an hour of complete relaxation with no goals in mind. These sessions are wonderful for those with a busy life and mind. You will feel soothed into a deep state of mind or sleep that is restorative and cleansing. Upon waking, clients report feeling refreshed, lighter, clear, centered, unburdened and calm.

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