Uncovering the root cause of an individual’s pain or internal illness, allows us as individuals to take steps towards clearing old compensatory patterns, whether physical, mental or emotional. We regain access to primal neural networks gifted to us at birth and our original ways of being and moving.

Returning to the the rudiments gives rise to fluid and dynamic movement, behaviour and expression in life; an experience of coming back home to our original body and unique selves.

Shealan has spent the better part of her life traveling and living abroad. She became a Registered Physiotherapist in three countries, gaining life experience and knowledge as a practitioner and personally through her immersion in contrasting cultures, perspectives, and environments. She thinks outside the box and loves working with those who are open to change and taking responsibility of one’s health.

Shealan has a deeply inquisitive mind with a constant thirst for knowledge. Professionally, she delved into the concepts of human movement, joint mechanics, functional anatomy, women’s health, the effects of post-operative abdominal scars on core function, and human bioenergetics. She has come to understand,

The site of pain is not always the cause of pain.

Therefore thriving on assessment, investigation, and diagnosis; enjoying a somewhat Sherlock Holmes approach to uncovering the root cause of an individual’s pain or performance limitation. Shealan likes to instill a positive attitude in her sessions, focusing on an individual’s desires, goals, and achievements. She loves music, dancing, recreation, and social connections. She has a good sense of humor and enjoys a light-hearted approach to life and treatment.